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:: Oil and gas industry  
:: Petrochemical industry  
:: Production of technical gases  


:: Chemical Industry  
:: Food Industry  
:: Paper industry  
:: Metalurgy  
:: Industry of building Material  
:: Wood and textile industry  
:: Electrical and mechanical engineering  
:: Shipbuilding industry  
:: Watersupply industry  
:: Mounting and engineering companies  
:: Institutes  
:: Health Facilities  
:: Measuring regulation  
:: Services  
:: Other users  
Oil and gas industry
Energoinvest Bosanski Brod
Energoinvest Modriča
Energoinvest Sarajevo
G.V.P. Mont Zagreb
IMP crpke Zagreb
INA Ludina
INA Rijeka
INA Sisak
INA Zagreb
INAgip Zagreb
INA Kostrena
INA naftaplin Zagreb
INA naftaplin Donji Miholjac
INA naftaplin Dugo Selo
INA naftaplin Ivanić Grad
INA naftaplin Koprivnica
INA naftaplin Molve
INA naftaplin Novska
INA naftaplin Popovača
INA naftaplin Bjelovar
INA naftaplin Vinkovci
INA naftaplin Zagreb
INA naftaplin Ivanić Grad
INA naftaplin Ivanić Grad
INA naftaplin Zagreb
Jadranski naftovod Zagreb
MOL Szeged
Naftagas Beograd
Naftagas Pančevo
Naftagas Elemir
Naftapromet transport Zagreb
PCK Schwedt
Plinoservis Topić Zagreb
Skopje Skopje
Termoplin Varaždin
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